ENGR 301 Humans in Their Environment
College of Engineering
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Citing Web Resources

It's not as easy to cite Web resources in your bibliography as it is to cite books because (1) standards for citing Web resources are still being developed and (2) Web resources don't have a title page where you can easily locate the information needed for a reference.

These components should be included in a reference to a Web resource.



Date of publication


Date accessed

A note on multi-document Web resources

If a Web resource is comprised of multiple documents (i.e., you cannot see the entire content by using the scroll bar on the right side of the screen), include only one entry for it in your bibliography. Use the information from the main or "home" page.

Citing Electronic Sources Using MLA- Style

In MLA Style, the components are arranged this way:

Author. "Title." Date of publication. URL (Date of access).

Example of MLA Style:

Stump, Ken, and Dave Batker. "Sinking Fast: How Factory Trawlers
     Are Destroying U.S. Fisheries and Marine Ecosystems." Aug. 1996.
     (6 Nov 1997).     

Citing Electronic Sources Using APA

In APA Style, the components are arranged this way:

Author. (Date of publication). Title. [Online]. Available: URL [date of access].

Example of APA Style:

Stump, K., & Batker, D. (1996, August). Sinking fast: how factory trawlers are destroying U.S. fisheries and marine ecosystems. [Online]. Available: http://www.greenpeace.org/ ~usa /reports/biodiversity/sinking_fast/[1997, November 6].

Wooden, Cindy. (20 May 1997). Freud and Nietzsche: The Superego and the Ubermensch. [Online]. Available: http://www.beacon.edu/depts/fac/psych/quan.html.

Often, no author, no publication date, or neither is given for a webpage. In those cases, follow the regular format above omitting the information the web site did not provide.

For example:

No author given:

Trouble in Paradise. [Online]. (20 May 1997). Available: http://lighthouse.edu/Sciences/docs/trouble.html [4 July 1997].

No date or author given:

Quantitative Psychology. [Online]. (1 May 1997). Available: http://www.psych.unc.edu/quantitative.html.

Referencing In Main Document

Within the main text, you reference your site as (Author year), i.e. (Stump and Batker 1996).

If more than two authors, cite as (White et al. 1996).

If more than two citations, separate by a semi-colon (Rutan et al. 1996; Regez 1998).


Using the MLA format, prepare a citation for the following cites:

Also, search the net to find a website on individuals referenced in Chapter One.  Submit this URL also.  Of note, this part of the assignment will be posted, so find a good site. Only one site per person, so if someone else has submitted a similiar site, you will need to resubmit.  Check your email for a response from your GA.

Submit your citations through email directly to Brad Regez at regez@siu.edu or Becky Rutan at rsr16@siu.edu.