Lizette R. Chevalier

Ph.D., P.E., BCEE, D-WRE, ASCE Fellow

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Associate Dean

Current Students

Krishna Prasad Dhakal (Environmental Resources and Policy Ph.D. program)

Ricot Saint Aime (Engineering Science Ph.D. program)

Taylor Swanson (IGERT Fellow)

Chris Mills

Louis Ackah

Previous Graduate Students

Weilan Zhang, 2012, Master’s Thesis, Modeling total suspended solids in combined sewer systems.

Saroj Kandel, 2012, Master’s Thesis, The use of STOMP to evaluate the impact of heterogeneity of LNAPL pool configuration.

Ricot Saint Aime , 2011, Master’s Thesis, Fulbright Fellow-Haiti.  An evaluation of NAPL wettability in 2-d  visualization experiments.

Jean-René Thélusmond , 2011, Master’s Thesis, Fulbright Fellow-Haiti. The use of plastic media in a movable bed model to study sedimentary processes in rivers.

Michael Burke 2011, Master’s Thesis, Use of unsteady modeling to predict flooding by correlating stream gages: A case study.

Ellen Lin, 2011, Master’s Thesis, Joint program with NCKU, Taiwan, Effect of inorganic carbon on the microbial community structure of nitrite oxidizing bacteria.

Serena Blackstock, 2009, Master’s Project.  Geographic Information Systems for Investigating the Location of Wind Energy Systems.

Sarah Burnam, 2007, Master’s Thesis, The Effect of Ethanol Cosolvency on Benzene.

Manoj Bhattarai, 2006, Master’s Thesis, A Numerical Modeling Study of Surfactant Enhanced Mobilization of Residual LNAPL Using UTCHEM.

Jemil N. Yesuf, 2006, Master’s Thesis. Determination of Single and Multi-componenet Adsorption isotherms Using Nonlinear Regression and Numerical Optimization.  Thesis of the Year Award for SIUC and the Midwest Association of Graduate Schools.

Mayank Srivastava, 2005, Master’s Thesis, Estimation of Coalbed Methane Production Potential through Reservoir Simulation.  Thesis co-Advisor with Dr. Harpalani, Mining and Mineral Resources Engineering.

Mark Radake, 2005, Master’s Thesis. Surfactant Enhanced Recovery of Light Non-aqueous Phase Liquids.

LaToya Knowles, 2005, Master’s Thesis. Adsorptive Removal of Basic Dyes by Acid Activated Almond Nutshell.

Craig Irwin, 2002, Master’s Project.  Evaluation of InSpectra UV Analyzer for Measuring the Conventional Water Parameter.

Kelvin Wong, 2000, Master’s Thesis. Mechanisms of Surfactant Enhanced NAPL Recovery from Soil.

Renee Goff, 2000, Master’s Thesis. Evaluation of GAC from Almond Shells to Reduce Chloroform in Drinking Water.

Lars O. Fektenberg. 1999, Master’s Thesis. Comparison of Primary and Secondary Surfactant Flushing to Enhance LNAPL Recovery.

Amadou Cisse, 1999, Master’s Project. Experimental Measures of Surfactant Properties.

Jeannette M. Fonte, 1998, Master's Thesis. Capillary Trapping of Nonaqueous Phase Liquids in Saturated Porous Media: Study of Characteristic for Prediction.

Jason Petersen, 1998, Master’s Thesis. Laboratory Investigation of LNAPL Flow and Surfactant Enhanced Remediation.