Lizette R. Chevalier

Ph.D., P.E., BCEE, D-WRE, ASCE Fellow

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Associate Dean


This page is a virtual hand-shake or coffee conversation, so to speak. I have the privilege and good fortune of meeting so many people in the classroom, at meetings, and while traveling.  I would enjoy getting to know many of you better.  Here are a few things about me. 

I am a mother - I have three children that were adopted.  Two are from China, and one is from Haiti.  They are absolutely wonderful, beautiful people.  We are often seen biking around Carbondale, hiking at Giant City State Park, shopping at the Neighborhood Coop, and at different school or community events.

The more I travel, the more I grow as a person.  I lived in the United States, Germany and France.  In the United States, I have lived in Georgia, Alabama, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Illinois.  I have been fortunate enough to have travelled to Honduras, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Japan, China, Taiwan, Belgium, Luxemburg, Spain, Italy, Austria, England, and Norway.  I still have a few states to visit, including Alaska and Hawaii.  I hope to some day visit the Amazon Rainforest,  the plains of Africa and the Australian outback.

The picture to the right is simply an artistic rendering of the sculpture in front of the engineering building, done using Adobe Photoshop.   Kinda funky, but I like it, ....for now.

I am an amateur photographer.  My favorite subjects are my daughters.  My favorite camera is a Canon Rebel XT.  My favorite lens is a 50mm 0.45m/1.5 ft.  Why?  Because of my favorite subjects, I love to photograph their faces.

I am also a musician, although I do not spend enough time on this passion.  My favorite guitar is a Martin 000-18 Golden Era 1937 ( a reproduction!).  I purchased it at a music shop in Bryn Mawr,  Pennsylvania while attending HERS.  Talk about a sweet guitar.  I also own a 1957 Gibson ES-125.  Pure mojo.  I picked that guitar up in Nashville during a family get together.

I designed this web site as well as all my course websites using Microsoft Expression.  My web sites are compliant with World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).    This is important issue to many of us developing educational web sites. 

The word clouds on my course pages were developed at

The links on this page are just a sampling of web sites I frequent. 

Now, how about another cup of coffee while you tell me about you? Or three cups of tea?