CEE 350 Strength of Material

Spring 2007


Gary J. Butson, Associate Professor, EGRB 26, 453-7808

butson@siu.edu, garybutson@msn.com


Office Hours:  TBD


Objective:  Apply the principles of statics to deformation of flexible bodies.  Understand the concepts of stress, strain, and deformation.  Apply the concepts to the cases of axial loading, pure shear loading, torsional loading, bending, and pressure vessels.  Understand the response of bodies to temperature changes.  Understand the response of structural materials to the stresses that occur in the loading cases specified.


The course grade will be based on graded homework, laboratory reports, and three exams.  Homework problems are listed on the syllabus and are due at the start of the class.  Homework is based on the previous class.  Late homework will not be accepted.  Collaboration on homework with other students in the class is strongly encouraged.


All laboratory exercises and grading are under the direction of the laboratory staff.  Further directions are available from the staff.


Grading Basis:          Classroom                                                     75%

                                                Homework                 15%

                                                Exams (20% each)   60%


                                    Laboratory Exercises                                   25%