Homework 3


Landfill Gas Production

Due: Friday March 4th, 2003

This assignment is used with the next assignment: Landfill Leachate Production

WARNING: This assignment is very similar to previous assignments in this class. Using a spreadsheet written by another student will be considered cheating.

Calculate the landfill gas production:

a) per pound of rapidly biodegradable solids during the first 6 years (dry weight),
b) per pound of slowly biodegradable solids during the first 16 years (dry weight), and
c) per pound of MSW placed during the first 16 years (wet weight)

For MSW properties, use the applicable US EPA publication. Fill in the necessary information on the worksheet "Input." Some of this information (percent rapidly degradable, etc.) was calculated for a previous homework assignment. Be sure to reference input data from the input page. Do not input data on the other pages. This will allow calculation of gas and leachate production for other landfills or conditions by simply changing the input data on a single page. The remainder of the information may be completed with the next assignment. Note that the results from this assignment are required for the next homework assignment.

Complete this assignment using the blank MS Excel spreadsheet supplied. Use the worksheet "Gas calc " to calculate the appropriate rapid, slow, and total gas production values requested. Use the input page for all input. Use cell references to transfer the data to the "Gas calc" page. Do not directly input data on this page. Graph the gas production per pound of MSW destroyed on the graph page. This assignment must be done on the blank MS Excel spreadsheet supplied and the categories and appropriate formulas must be used. Use the supplied spreadsheet for all calculations. 


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